Frequently Asked Question's

Q. Are you Hixson Family Photography or Hixson Studio?
A. Both.  My wife Brittany & I started our business (Hixson Family Photography) back in the spring of 2009.  Over the years our business has evolved and I am taking our business down new paths of commercial and video.  In my opinion, Hixson Studio is easier to remember, faster to type, and more fitting in the commercial world.  Overall, the name of our business is a small detail that really has no affect on what we do and how we do it.

Q. Do you do this full time?
A. Yes.  This is my full time that supports my family.  Hixson Studio is my company and I work hard to maintain quality work and client relationships!  I am dedicated to this work.

Q. Do I get a print release with my photo shoot?
A. In most all photo sessions, the images are cleared for your ability to print & share.  Larger scale Commercial shoots and specialty events may differ with photo rights.

Q. I would like to book with you.  How do I go about this?
A. Please visit my Contact page, where you can ask me questions, describe details about your shoot & get in the books.

Q. Do you have a studio or shoot on location?  Are you willing to travel?
A. I do have a studio located on the south end of Missoula behind Walmart and Cold Springs Elementary school.  I prefer to shoot on location as I feel Montana's beautiful outdoors offer a more dynamic & interesting setting for your portraits.  However, the studio is wonderful for Newborns, business portraits and miscellaneous other tasks that are best suited for studio.  I am always open to traveling.  Depending on the distance and means necessary to get there, I may work out a separate fee for travel, but generally speaking I'm fine traveling within a 30 mile radius of Missoula without any travel fee.

Q. Are there one or two photographers at Hixson Studio?
A. I am the photographer and editor at Hixson Studio. My wife Brittany will often assist me at weddings, as well as children & newborn sessions.  Security & safety is very important to me.  I always make it a point to have a third person in attendance when photographing High School Seniors who are female.  My wife Brittany often accompanies me to these shoots unless you choose to bring any family or friends along. 

Q. After it’s all said and done, will you be keeping my images on file?
A. I fully intend to keep all finished images on file.  However, I cannot guarantee that I will have your images on file in the years to come.  My liability ends once you have initially obtained the digital files from your session.  It is highly recommend that you keep a copy of your digital files in multiple locations (online backup, multiple computers, hard drives, flash drives, etc.) to ensure their existence over longer periods of time.

Q. What gear do you shoot with?
A. I shoot with Canon.  I have industry standard professional gear which is capable of producing top quality images.  If you're a gear-head like me, or have questions about purchasing your own camera gear, give me a call & I'll be happy to share info & recommendations with you.

Q. I have some more questions but they are not listed here..
A. You can ask any questions you may have by visiting my contact page, or by calling Jacob at (406) 531-3556.  I look forward to talking with you!